The Information Center of the Pamvotida Lake Management Body is located on Ioannina Island and aspires to be a modern information pole for Lake Pamvotida’s environment, as well as to contribute to the protection and promotion of the Protected Area.

Exhibits, appropriate audio-visual equipment and specially designed space make it possible for the visitor and local to be informed and enjoy their visit.

It is aimed at the local community, tourists, educators and students of all levels, organized visitor groups as well as individual visitors, and entrepreneurs engaged in the development of alternative forms of tourism.

The purpose of the design of the museum’s surroundings was to integrate the traditional building with the surrounding landscape and create an appropriate space that meets the visitors’ needs.

The design proposal takes into account the ecology of the area and shows respect for its character. Natural materials such as gravel, stone, wood, rocks and plants were selected for both parts of the surrounding area to create a friendly and relaxing environment for the visitor and give them a sense of peace and tranquillity.